How to dress for skating

Skating is a pleasant and healthy pastime. In order not to harm your health and not to spoil the pleasure of visiting the rink, take seriously the choice of clothing and sports equipment.
For a trip to the rink, use three layers of clothing. The first includes thermal underwear and a synthetic jersey that retains heat and easily lets sweat through. For the second and third layers, a long-sleeved shirt and a wool sw​eater are optimal. Wear warm, fleece-lined sports pants and leggings. You'll be warm and cozy in such attire.
Choose the outer clothing for the rink, depending on the weather, while respecting the thermal balance. It should be comfortable and comfortable, without constraining your movements, fit the body, protecting it from moisture, wind and cold. Choose skates that do not restrict your feet.

At an outdoor rink, wear a knitted cap that will reliably protect your ears from the cold. Prepare two pairs of warm mittens or gloves (one pair is replaceable, "in reserve"), which will soften the possible impact of a fall on the ice. Tuck a short scarf into clothing, or limit yourself to a tight and high neck sweater. Be aware that a long scarf will hinder you and may even cause injury.

Remember that circulation slows down in the cold. To keep your feet warm, use special thermal socks or regular wool products. Choose socks of such thickness that a tightly laced shoe can easily fit a toe in the heel area. When you go skating in severe cold, put a special woolen cover on the shoe, buy it at a sports store or make it from an old sock.

When visiting an indoor ice rink, find out whether it is equipped with lockers with lockers or storage. Comfortable conditions of the sports facility with temperatures much higher than on the street, you can wear a sweatshirt or light sweater and do without a hat. Wanting to look beautiful, choose a bright and stylish closet, but do not forget about its expediency and practicality.